Monday, 3:45 – 5:15 PM

Blurryface: The Epidemic of Student Stress

Jimmy Myers, Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor; Executive Director, The Timothy Center, Austin

Ask a student how he/she is feeling, and you’ll probably get an answer, such as “stressed, busy, tired, nervous...” The research is in; we are ministering to the most “stressed out” generation of teenagers in American history. This breakout will lead you to establish a strategy to help your students overcome the stress that can dominate their daily lives.

Creating and Maintaining a Volunteer Pipeline

Bruce Edwards, Youth Ministry Specialist, Tennessee Baptist Mission Board, Franklin, TN

Volunteers are the heart of our ministries, and we often fail to “do it right” in regard to this vital group. This breakout will explore best practices for enlisting, training, and nurturing our volunteers.

Cultivating Healthy Families

Katie Swafford, Texas Baptists Counseling Services Director, Connections Team, Texas Baptists, Dallas

What exactly is a healthy family, or do we simply know one when we see one? This breakout will provide information about and characteristics of such families, as well as guided discussion of practical applications for cultivating these healthy characteristics in the families with whom we minister.

Digital Community vs Real Life Community

Meghan Charles-Goad, Girls Minister, Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler

“I have over 3,000 followers, and my picture just hit 400 likes." Have you heard these statements before? The harsh reality is that our students are more involved in a digital community of people than they are with the ones around them. Students will tell you that digital socializing is convenient, easier, and entertaining. So how do we foster connecting students to Christ and to each other when digital is in their DNA? Join us as we discuss practical ways ministers and parents can guide our students back to real-life community.

How to be Divergent in Student Ministry

Kurt Fehlis, Middle School Minister, Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler

In ministry, we constantly relate to and lead groups of students who define themselves as jocks, nerds, band geeks, and everything in between. What happens when these students fit into multiple categories? Ministering and leading many groups of students also translates into equipping and leading adults, who are just as diverse at times. This breakout will help create a vision for leaders as we build off Paul’s writing in 1 Cor 9:19-23 about being all things to all people to reach some.

Maximizing Your Ministry on Campus

Gary Stidham, BSM Director at The University of Texas at Arlington

You can create new ministry opportunities for your church by increasing your influence on your local campus and connecting with the students there. This breakout will provide ideas for making the most of that time.

Plan Ahead or Fall Behind: The Role of Planning in Your Youth Ministry

Grant Byrd, Minister with Students, First Baptist Church, McKinney

Do you know what the next year looks like for your ministry? Are you struggling just to move from event to event? Does anyone know the vision for your student ministry? This breakout will provide guidelines for planning for the long term and for casting a vision that sticks.

Re-Thinking Discipleship for A Changing World

Andy Blanks, Co-Founder and Publisher, YM360, Birmingham, AL

The world in which our students are coming of age is defined by how rapidly it's transforming. Against a backdrop that is in constant change, how do we lead teenagers to embrace the unchanging truth of the gospel? We do it by re-thinking how we define discipleship and how our implementation grows out of this new definition. This workshop will look at a new definition of discipleship and how to practically implement it in the context of our students' culture.

What IS Family Ministry, Anyway?

Brian Hill, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Corpus Christi, and Chris Skoglund, Pastor of College and Family Ministries, First Baptist Church, Corpus Christi

Many churches are moving to a family ministry model for organizing small group and education ministry. How do you get started? What do you do first? What is the job description? This breakout will provide an overview of family ministry for those whose church has made a decision to move in this direction.

Cohorts and Group Coaching, Tuesday, 10:30 AM - 12 PM


Everyone must bring an idea and be ready to take new ideas home. Participants set the agenda of where the conversation will go relating to the topic.

1.College/Young Adult Ministry: facilitated by Ginger Bowman, Church Life Specialist, Collegiate Ministry, Texas Baptists, Dallas

2.Engaging Parents in Student Ministry: facilitated by Michael Sawyer, Minister to Students, Shady Oaks Baptist Church, Hurst

3. Girls Ministry: facilitated by Megan Charles-Goad, Girls Minister, Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler

4. Outreach Ideas and Advertising for Your Ministry: facilitated by Sam Powers, Student Minister, First Baptist Church, Henrietta

5. Pre-School/Children Ministry: facilitated by Jennifer Howington, Minister of Preschool/Children, Field Street Baptist Church, Cleburne

Group Coaching

Everyone comes with questions and no answers!

1. Balancing Your Family and Your Ministry: led by PJ Gramling, Director of Admissions, and Gary Gramling, Director of Graduate Programs in Christian Studies, Howard Payne University, Brownwood; and Amanda Levy, Volunteer Youth Worker, and Brett Levy, Family Pastor, First Baptist Church, Georgetown

2. Developing Effective Men’s Ministry: led by Andy Blanks, Co-Founder and Publisher, YM360, Birmingham, AL

3. Leading Effective Pre-Marital Counseling: led by Keith Lowry, Adult Discipleship Specialist, Texas Baptists, Dallas

4. Youth Ministry Rookie Training Camp: led by Brad Echols, Youth Minister, First Baptist Church, Belton

Tuesday, 1:45 – 3:15 PM, Repeated 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Effectively Partnering with Parents in Student Ministry

Walter Ballou, Student Pastor, Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler

Are you frustrated with parents? Afraid of them? If you aren't integrating parents into your student ministry, you are not tapping into the full discipleship potential of your students. There are many ideas for creating and maintaining a partnership with parents. Some examples we will discuss include Parent Forums, Strategic Conversations, and Key Grade Level Moments (when students enter "landmark" years). This breakout will provide ideas and guidelines to improve your partnership with parents.

Give Them the Keys

Tim Ramsey, Student Pastor, Fellowship of Huntsville Church; President, One Road Ministries; Huntsville

Have you noticed the mindset that takes over when you have the ownership of something valuable entrusted to you? It totally changes your perspective. You want to show it to your friends. You’re willing to work for it because you feel the responsibility for it. Entrusting ministry opportunities to our students has the same effect. Reversing the trend of high numbers of students leaving the church after high school graduation may begin with giving them the keys!

Is This REALLY a Promotion: Transitioning into a Family Ministry Position

Cory Liebrum, Minister to Families, First Baptist Church, Rockwall, and Bobby Cooley, Family Pastor, First Baptist Church, Grapevine

Sometimes moving into a new position at the same church can feel like an entirely new church experience. On the other hand, you may be supervising people who once were your peers and, also, grieving the loss of the ministry you are "letting go.” Hear insights on navigating the transition from two ministers who have done so.

Leading without the Title

Emily Prevost, Assistant Provost, Associate Professor of Leadership & Religion, East Texas Baptist University, Marshall

Ministers often feel the tension of being expected to lead when they don’t always have the power to make changes that seem necessary. This session will provide suggestions for leading from within your role and influencing the leaders who have the power to bring change while consistently supporting the mission and vision of the church as a whole.

Mickey Mouse, Battleships, and Ministry Multipliers

Ron Hunter, Ron Hunter, Co-Founder and Director of the D6 Conference; Executive Director and CEO of Randall House Publisher, the parent ministry of D6, Nashville, TN

Each of these strong visual concepts has affected the church, and this breakout will explain how. The results of this session will be a renewed emphasis on being alert to the gaps between specific aged ministries so the ministry leaders can spend intentional time developing the children or teenagers, as well as their parents, to move to the next age group.

Office Fatigue: Singing the Ministry Blues

Joshua Fuentes, Associate Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Corpus Christi

Is God working in a powerful way at your church, but you dread going to the office? Do you like your fellow staff members, but run in the opposite direction when you see them? If so, maybe you have the ministry blues which may result from burnout and emptiness. This session will focus on practices you can incorporate to fill your tank, so you're no longer running on empty.

Reducing the Risk of Sexual Abuse in Your Ministry (Offered during Session 2 only)

Greg Love, Attorney and national leader in sexual abuse risk reduction; Co-Founder, MinistrySafe, Ft. Worth

Our ministries typically have few or no barriers in place to prevent the “grooming process” used by preferential offenders. This conference will describe how the grooming process unfolds and what you must do to stop it by putting effective barriers in place. This session builds upon the earlier breakout but is not limited only to those who attend the first one.

Who's Gen-Z and How Do I Minister to Them?

Mark Warrington, Baptist Student Ministry Director, University of Texas at Dallas, Dallas

Born around the turn of the century, Generation Z (the generation born after the Millennials) is finishing high school, entering college, and emerging to take its place in leading and shaping culture. This generation is distinct from Millennials and has never known a time without technology, terrorism and uncertainty. This breakout will explore the defining characteristics of Generation Z, the context that shapes them, and ways to approach ministry toward them.

Why Sexual Abuse Continues to Rock Our Ministries (Offered during Session 1 only)

Greg Love, Attorney and national leader in sexual abuse risk reduction; Co-Founder, MinistrySafe, Ft. Worth

Sexual abusers seek access where the barriers of protection are the lowest. Our ministries are often these places. This conference will help you look through the eyes of a preferential offender to see what barriers he/she would encounter—if any!

Wednesday, 9 – 10 AM

Amazing Ministries with Individuals with Special Needs

Stacy Manning, Deaf Education Educator, Plano Senior High School and Haggard Middle School, Plano; veteran Special Needs Minister

Ministering to people of any age with special needs is one of the most rewarding and also challenging opportunities in your ministry. Most of us do not think we are qualified to handle such an issue. You can do this! This breakout will provide insights and ideas for ministering to these individuals and their families.

Building a Multicultural Youth/Family Ministry

Patty Lane, Intercultural Ministries Director, Texas Baptists, Dallas

Navigating across cultures can be more complicated than it first appears, especially if you want to build relationships that are strong and healthy. In this breakout, participants will learn principles of working cross-culturally and how to avoid the pitfalls that frequently occur.

Components of an Effective Pre-School/Children’s Ministry

Shelly Melia, Director, Master of Arts in Children’s Ministry and Master of Arts in Family Ministry programs, Dallas Baptist University, Dallas

When reviewing your church’s pre-school and children’s ministries, what are you looking for? What characteristics make up an effective ministry to these important age groups? This breakout will provide guidelines concerning the best practices in your ministries to these two age groups.

Families in the Blender: Ministry in the World of Yours, Mine, and Ours

Keith Lowry, Adult Discipleship Specialist, Great Commission Team, Texas Baptists, Dallas

Forty percent of families in the U.S. today are step or blended families, and it is likely your congregation is made up of or in some way connected to them. Intentional discipleship ministries for stepfamilies are a display of God's grace and his redeeming power grounded in the hope of redeeming not only this generation but the next. In this session, we will review unique challenges faced by these families and share how your church can equip them to build homes that are safe places of redemption.

God's Mission for Your Mission Trip

Josue Valerio, Missions Team Director, Texas Baptists, Dallas

We plan the place and the activities, but do we leave room for God to use the local people to shape the experience? This breakout will provide best practices and principles for thorough planning, yet creating space in our plans for the on-site input and contributions of the locals.

How to Be Creative, Original, and Innovative in Student Ministry

Jason Humphrey, High School Minister, Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler

It can be quite an exhausting task to come up with a new Student Ministry program every year. It's even harder trying to be creative with how you run your Student Ministry so it remains fresh and relevant, yet faithful to your theology, values and principles. This breakout will provide encouragement and will challenge youth workers to infuse creativity into everything done in ministry.

How to Study the Bible Evangelistically

Mike Satterfield, African American Evangelism Specialist, Great Commission Team, Texas Baptists, Dallas; Founder, Field of Grace Ministries, Arlington

This breakout helps you learn how to read the Bible evangelistically, study any passage impactfully, and apply what you’ve read and studied with life transforming results.

I.T.: The Upgrade

Brett Levy, Family Pastor, First Baptist Church, Georgetown

Is it time for an upgrade? In light of the many school districts, sports teams, and universities using technology to better communicate with their students, this session will teach youth ministries how to inform, instruct, and inspire their students by using the technology we use every day.

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