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Breakouts, Cohorts and Group Coaching

Key: C = College, CH = Children, F = Family, P = Preschool, Y = Youth

Monday, 3:45 - 5:00 PM

Tuesday, 10:00 - 11:15 AM

Tuesday, 1:45 - 3:00 and 3:15 - 4:30 PM

Wednesday, 9:00 - 11:00 AM

Monday, October 14, 2019

3:45 - 5:00 PM


C, CH, F, P, Y

Age Group Ministries Pursuing Lifetime Faith Through Ministry in Thirds

All age group ministries exist to propel believers into a lifetime faith that glorifies God. Older ministry models that featured strict age segregation and poor impact on families are not adequate today. A new model, built around ministry in thirds, flows directly from the careful study of Scripture and the best research. Leaders who recalibrate in this direction may begin to see more believers love God, love people, and make disciples for a lifetime. This session will present both the big picture and the practical application.

Richard Ross, Professor of Student Ministry, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Ft. Worth

C, CH, F, P, Y

Being a Real Girl in a Photo-Altered World: Helping Girls Develop Biblical Perspectives for Navigating an Image Driven Society

Social comparison is a constant struggle for girls of all ages in the image obsessed society in which they live. In this session, strategies for helping them establish biblical perspectives on developing a healthy, Christ centered self-image will be examined, especially as they relate to healthy self-care, modesty, and social media usage.

Emily Dean, Director of Women’s Academic Programs & Organizations, Adjunct Faculty, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, New Orleans, LA

C, CH, F, P, Y

Crisis Response: Knowing What to Do and Say

The lives of our children and teenagers can be turned upside down in a matter of minutes by crisis or loss. When this happens, they need our support and our presence. The problem is we often don’t know what to say, and we’re struggling to deal with our own emotions while being there for them. This breakout will provide guidance for responding to children and teens in crisis in effective and age-appropriate ways.

Beka Mullins, M.A., LPC Intern supervised by Robin Rice, M.Ed., LPC-S, The Counseling Place, Richardson

F, Y

Developing Your Playbook for Teaching Students (grades 6-12)

Is your youth Bible study not all you know it needs to be? Do you need to know how to more effectively teach the Bible to teenagers? In this breakout, Youth Bible Study/Small Group leaders will discover proven principles, strategies and “plays” to help do it!

Bruce Edwards, Youth Ministry Specialist, Tennessee Baptist Mission Board, Franklin, TN

C, CH, F, P, Y

Does God Care What Your Website Looks Like?

Sharing the gospel is so much more important than stellar graphics. But, what if those two things aren’t mutually exclusive? In this breakout, we’ll discuss the importance of pairing a great message with great design.

Jeremy Honea, Art Director, Texas Baptists, Dallas

F, Y

The Greatest Week of Their Lives

Student ministry camp is life-changing, and it's a challenge to keep it fresh and alive, year after year. This breakout will provide new ideas, as well as ideas tested over the years, to make the most of camp week.

Grant Byrd, Minister with Students, First Baptist Church, McKinney

C, CH, F, P, Y

Ideas for Multi-Generational Ministry

Intergenerational relationships are key to faith development and provide an energizing spark in churches where they are emphasized. If you have the desire to connect generations in your church and need a starting point, this session is for you. These practical ideas and resources will give you a jumpstart in this very important dimension of ministry.

Cory Liebrum, Minister to Families, First Baptist Church, Rockwall

C, F

Leading College Ministry and ……

Are you the college and youth minister? College and media or women’s minister? This breakout will help you develop a strategy for college ministry that makes the most of the time you have.

Ginger Bowman, Church & Campus Consultant, Collegiate Ministry, Texas Baptists, Dallas

C, CH, F, P, Y

Ministering in a Social Media Culture: Four Things You Can Do

Social media is a daunting topic, especially for ministry leaders. In this breakout, you will learn practical things you can do to reimagine ministry for the digital age, minister to needs that arise from using social media, and help youth and adults practice Christian faith in a social media culture.

Angela Gorrell, Assistant Professor of Practical Theology, Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor University, Waco

C, CH, F, P, Y

Strategies for Engaging and Re-engaging Fathers in the Church

You probably started in ministry desiring to reach children and teenagers with the gospel, but soon noticed influencing kids is not enough. If Dad takes faith in God seriously, the message to his children is that God should be taken seriously. We must help the fathers in our church become proactive in leading their families towards Jesus. This breakout will help you help Dad to win at home!

Preston Cave, Student Pastor, Lakeside Baptist Church, Granbury

F, Y

Worst Ever Mission Trip Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Personal experience is often the best teacher when it comes to planning mission trips, but we can painlessly learn from the experiences of others! This breakout provides insights into planning, leading, and debriefing your student mission trip. You'll learn mistakes to avoid, suggestions to follow, and tips for crafting an intentional and transformational mission trip experience, no matter the size of your youth ministry budget.

Doug Franklin, President, LeaderTreks, Carol Stream, IL

F, P

Your Youngest Church-Goers: Preschool Ministry Done Well

Preschoolers are learning more and at a faster rate than anyone in your church. Your preschool ministry needs to provide the necessary biblical foundations for these youngest learners in a safe and secure environment. This breakout will provide practical guidelines and ideas to meet the needs of the preschoolers in your church and to make your preschool ministry the best it can be.

Diane Lane, Preschool and Children’s Specialist, Texas Baptists, Dallas

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

10:00 – 11:15 AM


C, CH, F, P, Y

Collaborating in Family Ministry as a Church Staff Team

This breakout features a church multiple-staff team, including the Senior Pastor, that has chosen a strategy of collaboration to reach goals of ministering to the family. You will have opportunity to learn from their experiences, as well as ask questions to help you apply the insights to your church.

Facilitator: Phil Miller, Acting Director, Great Commission Team, Texas Baptists; Panel: Staff team from Lakeside Baptist Church, Granbury; Mark Forrest, Pastor; Steve Quinn, Executive Pastor; Preston Cave, Student Pastor; Brett Cook, Assoc. Student Pastor; Tan Flippin, Discipleship Pastor; Jim Horn, Children’s Pastor; Dawn Weeks, Preschool Pastor

C, CH, F, P, Y

The Four C’s of Parenting: Launching Your Kids into Adulthood

Most parents get stuck in one of the four C’s of parenting: caregiver, cop, coach, or consultant. The child needs intentionality from each phase but typically the parent fails to transition to the next season of parenting. This breakout will assist you in leading parents as it presents each phase, utilizing stories and visuals to help you remember what to do and why.

Ron Hunter, Co-Founder and Director of the D6 Conference; Executive Director and CEO of Randall House Publisher, the parent ministry of D6, Nashville, TN

F, Y

Navigating Risk in Student Ministry

Child sexual abuse is an ever-present danger in our ministries, and we need to have barriers in place for prevention. But, ministry poses other risks, also, from travel negligence to security and other facility issues. This breakout will inform you of many of the risks and provide guidelines for effectively dealing with them.

Jody Dean, Associate Professor for Christian Education, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, New Orleans, LA


F, Y

Bi-Vocational Student Ministry

Come with questions and come with answers. A cohort is peer learning. What do you need help with in bi-vocational youth ministry and what are you doing well that could be a help to others?

Facilitated by Matt Mayberry, Youth Pastor, First Baptist Church, Hondo

C, F

College/Young Adult Ministry

Come with questions and come with answers. This cohort will provide whiteboard sessions and conversations about church college ministry.

Facilitated by Mark Jones, Director of Collegiate Ministries, Texas Baptists, Dallas

C, CH, F, P, Y

First Time Guests

Come with questions and come with answers. What does your church do for first time guests? What has worked? What hasn’t? This peer learning will also allow time to brainstorm ideas to make the very best first time experience for anyone walking into your church or age-graded area.

Facilitated by Christy Butler, Next Generation Pastor, First Baptist Church Denton; Brad Echols, Minister for Youth, First Baptist Church, Belton; Chuck Gartman, Director of Ministry Guidance and Assistant Professor of Christian Studies, Howard Payne University, Brownwood (a former Minister of Education/Leadership Development)

F, Y

Wednesday Night Student Ministry Ideas

Come with questions and come with answers. What are you doing really well on Wednesday nights in your student ministry? What creative “out of the box” ideas, games, series, etc. have worked for you? A cohort is peer learning where everyone will share ideas, so come prepared to do so!

Facilitated by Laine Melikian, Student Pastor, First Baptist Church, Marble Falls


F, Y

Sage Advice

Come with questions. In this coaching session, you’ll have access to 107 years of youth ministry experience. Bring the things you are struggling with and allow their collective experience to give you a perspective you haven’t seen until now.

Led by Grant Byrd, Minister with Students, First Baptist Church, McKinney; Bob Johns, Youth Pastor, First Baptist Church, Woodway; and Brett Levy, Family Pastor, First Baptist Church, Georgetown

1:45 – 3:00 PM

3:15 – 4:30 PM (Repeat)


C, CH, F, P, Y

Being Taken Seriously as a Leader in Your Church

You're not anywhere near the top of the food chain in your church staff, but you are passionate, trained, and ready to see some things happen! Professionalism in ministry is a foundational value for leaders of all ages. This breakout provides a variety of guidelines for those who want their voices to be heard.

Scott Stevens, Dean of Spiritual Life; Director, Christian Studies Graduate Program; Assistant Professor of Christian Ministry; East Texas Baptist University, Marshall

F, Y

Checking the Foundation: Essentials of Youth Ministry

When buying a house the thing you check first is the foundation. When it comes to either building a youth ministry or maintaining one, you must make sure the foundation is solid. In this breakout we will examine what makes up a great foundation and what keeps it strong. Whether you are a new youth minister or a seasoned veteran, this breakout will be a great encouragement to you.

Tim Ramsey, Student Pastor, Fellowship of Huntsville Church; President, One Road Ministries, Huntsville

C, CH, F, P, Y

Defining the Win and How to Get There

What do you want your preschoolers, children, and students to know when they leave your ministry? How do these goals cross age-graded lines? This breakout will present guidelines for deciding on the goals and determining strategies for reaching them.

Jill Fulghum, Associate Pastor; Janet Abernathy, Children’s Minister; Erin Garcia, Preschool Ministry Volunteer; Travis Garcia, Youth Minister; Southland Baptist Church, San Angelo

C, F

Engaging College Aged Young Adults in Gospel Conversations

We must learn how to effectively share the gospel with this generation of young adults. In this breakout you will hear from leaders in college ministry who are actively sharing the gospel, as well as how to create a connection meeting strategy that helps students and leaders naturally share with others.

Gary Stidham, Baptist Student Ministry Director, University of Texas at Arlington

Only Offered from 1:45 - 3:00 PM

C, CH, F, P, Y

Gender Identity: Got Questions?

Each day we hear information (and misinformation) about various aspects of gender identity in children as well as teens. This breakout will provide research-based information to help us learn how to better love and have compassion for struggling individuals as we minister to them.

Katie Swafford, L.P.C.-S., Director, Counseling Services, Texas Baptists, Dallas

C, CH, F, Y

The Hand Off: Effectively Moving Age Groups from One Ministry to the Next

Without planning, the transitions from Children’s to Middle School to High School to College can be haphazard and ineffective. This breakout will help you know how to avoid hand off mistakes and work together to make the transitions positive for all involved.

Walter Ballou, Student Pastor, Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler

CH, F, Y

Kids, Teens, and Stress: What to Know and How to Help

Stress is sometimes viewed as an "adult issue," but children and teens also struggle with it. Using the acronym D-E-S-S-E-R-T, this breakout will explore ways to identify, then help, our kids and teens deal more effectively with the stress (and sometimes anxiety) they feel.

Christi Copeland, LPC, The Timothy Center, Georgetown and Online

F, Y

Leading an Effective Girls Ministry in Any Size Church

We often think it takes big budgets and lots of people to have an effective ministry. This breakout will convince you otherwise by providing practical guidelines for what makes a girls ministry effective in reaching and discipling girls in any size church.

Meghan Charles-Goad, Girls Minister, Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler, and Traci Hall, Girls Ministry Leader, First Baptist Church, Diboll

C, F

Leading College Aged Young Adults Toward a Lifetime of Faith

How do you intentionally disciple this generation of college students? This breakout will present essential elements for discipling young adults and effective strategies to help them build personal practices for a lifetime of spiritual growth.

John Strappazon, Founder, Trajectory Ministry, Fort Worth

Only Offered from 3:15 - 4:30 PM

C, CH, F, P, Y

Leading Volunteers: Growing Spiritually Deep Leaders in Your Ministry

Your volunteers may represent your most fertile ground for spiritual growth as they are already asked to practice a host of spiritual disciplines as they teach and serve. This breakout will provide ideas for an intentional growth plan targeted at volunteers which will help you create a team that will minister to those who serve alongside you in your ministry.

Chris Stapper, Vice President, Mission and Finance, Stark College and Seminary, Corpus Christi

C, CH, F, P, Y

Life w/Jesus

Do you remember the first time you believed Jesus was who He said He was? Do you remember feeling together with God, at last? When was the last time you felt that? What if, more than anything else, God really wants you to live with Him? Perhaps we abbreviate what this means. This breakout will explore it.

Jason Richards, Youth Camps & Events Specialist, Texas Baptists, Dallas


Moving Beyond Videos: Developing and Maintaining an Effective Ministry to Children

Children are constantly learning and exploring their faith and need the strong biblical foundations on which their relationship with Christ is built. This breakout will explore the "must-haves" for an effective children's ministry.

Nanette Johnson, Preschool Minister, First Baptist Church, Arlington

C, CH, F, P, Y

Prayer for You and Your Ministry

Do you need a quiet place? Need a time of prayer with someone who understands? Mike Satterfield will be available during the two Tuesday afternoon breakout sessions to pray with you.

Mike Satterfield, Founder, Field of Grace Ministries, Arlington; Convener: Carson Burns, Youth & College Pastor, Southwest Park Baptist Church, Abilene

F, Y

Teenagers Aren't Reading the Bible. Here’s What to Do About It!

Studies show we have a problem! We know the importance of the Bible, but our students aren’t spending time in it. This session will equip you to lead your students to care about the Bible, engage with it, and discover the power in meeting with God in His Word. It will be filled with interaction and super practical step-by-step points of application to move your students into this vibrant relationship.

Andy Blanks, Co-Founder and Publisher, YM360/Iron Hill Press, Birmingham, AL

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

9:00 - 11:00 AM

C, CH, F, P, Y

Reggie Joiner Workshop

Reggie Joiner Workshop in Worship Center